iPhoneX has lowest-precision GPS

Number:rdar://6468254632 Date Originated:
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Product:iphone X Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:
data sources : parts of running data from codoon of Beijing Olympic Park in January
collection method: codoon recorded the precision of each GPS point, analyzed the precision of original information, calculated relevant indicators
term definition:
1)average value of GPS precision: sum of GPS precision of each equipment / number of GPS points of each equipment
2)low-precision GPS point : precision of GPS which collected  from codoon is  greater than 20 means low-precision GPS
3)proportion of low-precision GPS point: sum of number of  low-precision GPS points of each equipment /  number of GPS  points  of each equipment * 100%

Conclusion: iPhoneX has lowest-precision GPS in 16 days according to the motion data collected in the same place in January, which ranks first in our sampling equipments



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