UISearchViewController causes UITableView contentInset to be modified incorrectly when navigation bar is opaque

Number:rdar://123412341234 Date Originated:Sept 7th 2018
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:iOS Product Version:11.4
Classification:SDK Reproducible:Always


Using a `UISearchBar` through a `UISearchController` while using a UITableViewController to display results/possibilities, and then push navigating away and back while the search controller is active causes the search bar to be incorrectly inset below the navigation bar if bar.isTranslucent = false. 

Steps to Reproduce:

Create sample app: use UISearchController to attach a UISearchBar to a TableView. Set up UITableViewDelegate to push navigate onto another screen on cell click. Make sure to set UINavigationBar.isTranslucent = false. Set up the destination view controller such that you are able to dismiss it and navigate back.

1. Open app.
2. Activate / press UISearchBar to search. 
3. Press any cell without cancelling the search.
4. Navigate back to original screen. 

Expected Results:

The inset is as we left it on navigation and still properly set.

Actual Results:

The `UITableView` offset will be incorrectly configured, whether the search state is active or not upon completion of step 4. (returning navigation). 


iOS 11.4 


No configurations set.


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